Meditation Garden Temple

MIFGS Meditation Garden : The Urban Temple

In Australia we have become conditioned to European garden styles in which we sit in the garden and observe the features of the garden.

The experiencer is separate from the experience.

However, Asian landscape design acknowledges that man and nature are not separate. We are nature. To be at ease within it and to lose yourself amidst the tranquility of the natural surrounds is the goal.

In this meditation temple rocks and water draw your attention to earth, whilst the bamboo lifts your vision to the heavens. ‘China red’ inner walls provide warmth, contrasted and complimented by the coolness of the plants and pond. The scented plants and blossoms fill the senses on warm spring/summer days sitting quietly on the bamboo deck.

A series of bamboo skins envelope the main recessed area creating a walled, protected space. Rock formations mimic mountain ranges, while water replicates rivers and lakes.

Many of the plants we have used have their origins in Asia. We have reworked them into a modern contemporary formal planting arrangement. These plants are commonly used shrubs and trees like Azalea, Buxus, Ajuga, Malus, Acer, and Tracehelospernum ensuring easy maintenance and management.