Nature is a great teacher

All types of valuations are wrong.

A small stone is small, and a big one is big. There is a small plant and a big plant. A grass leaf is a grass leaf and a roseflower is a roseflower: as far as nature is concerned, it is not displeased with the grass leaf and pleased with the roseflower. It gives life to the grass leaf with as much happiness as it gives life to the roseflower.

If you put aside the human mind, between a grass leaf and a roseflower, which is bigger and which is smaller? Nothing is bigger or smaller!

Is the blade of grass lower than a pine tree?

If that were so, 'God' would have destroyed the blade of grass and only pine trees would have remained in the world. But the values fixed by man are wrong.

As long as we continue to compare one man with the other we will always remain on the wrong path. That wrong path is that we are creating a desire in man to be like someone else; and the fact is that no one has been or can be like any other man.

In your whole life have you ever seen one man exactly like any other? In the whole world not even one pebble can be found equal to another. Here everything is unique and unparalleled. As long as we do not respect the uniqueness of every individual, rivalry, competition and violence will remain. Until then, everyone will try to get ahead through dishonesty, and will try to be like someone else. If this happens, what sort of results do we expect?

Every person has his own individuality. It is a matter of great pride that you are different from others.

There is nothing higher or lower; everyone simply is. Everyone is in his own space; therefore all types of valuations are wrong.