Building Healthy Minds

  • Feel out of control?

  • Have financial or family stress?

  • Find that enough is never enough?

  • Wonder if you have any real friends?

  • Worry about your work-life balance?

  • Feel unhappy or guilty about your successes?

  • Have difficulty finding meaning in your work?

  • Misunderstand your emotions and their triggers?

  • Wish you could be more responsible & accountable?

  • Consider kindness & compassion to be for other people rather than yourself?

  • Use substances and activities to escape uncomfortable feelings and thoughts?

  • Learn to Consciously Complain.

DevelopMental Counselling, Coaching and Complaining Melbourne.

DevelopMental offers a range of online counselling and coaching services for the relief of stress & depression, business development and addiction recovery. DevelopMental specialises in supporting property developers, architects, real estate agents, builders, tradies, landscape architects, landscapers and all related industries.

  • One of our favourite starting points is what we call Conscious Complaining.

  • Working with individuals, teams and groups.

  • Using a combination of Western and Eastern approaches.

  • No interest in keeping people dependent on services.

  • Based in Melbourne, offering programs across Australia.

  • Evidence based research from around the world.

  • Begin a process of cultivating peace of mind and self awareness.

  • Call for a confidential discussion


Counselling & Complaining

Team Member Assistance

Meditation Breathing Yoga

Addiction Recovery


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No one likes to admit they have 'issues'.

Yet in an age where stress is the number one mental health condition around the world and one of every 3 to 4 people suffers from either anxiety or depression within their lifetime, you are not alone.

Developmental offers tailored solutions to individuals and business teams. Our online services offer opportunities to consciously complain, take individual counselling sessions, learn meditation and breathing practices. We also offer these services as an Employee Assistance Program or (as we prefer) a Team Member Assistance Program. Physically, we also provide the design and installation of small therapeutic landscapes and an addiction recovery program.

You can learn to be more comfortable with yourself as you are, rather than continually striving to be like how you are supposed to be.

Tool Box

Learn to Consciously Complain


  • Instead of complaining to your partner or work colleagues, give yourself some time each fortnight / month specifically to complain about everything and anything with a trained professional. This intentional practice is an excellent way to de-steam without blowing up in someone elses face.

  • You can start out with some recognition that the complaining needs to happen. In our work we say “I don’t need you to fix me. I just need to complain.” Then, you’re allowed to bring up whatever’s stuck in your head—“Things are just shit, this situation is really annoying me, and things are too hard,” etc, you can swear, get angry, spit the dummy, lose the plot.

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Begin the Counselling Process


  • Counselling and associated therapies can help you find your own way through your troubles, on your own terms.

  • You can learn to be more comfortable with who you are rather than ‘how you are supposed to be’.

  • Because you have less to prove and you trust that you can take care of yourself, you become more easy-going with yourself, with others and with nature.

  • Most clients book between 6-12 sessions. Life is a continuous flow of ups and downs. Counselling and meditation yoga help us navigate through them.

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Develop Meditation & Breathwork Skills

Meditation Classes & Courses

  • Based in Melbourne available nationally.

  • Beginners welcome

  • Weekly classes support your personal daily practice at home.

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  • Regain control of your breathing and gain the skills to take back control of your own mental health.

  • Changing your breathing pattern is rather like learning to ride a bike.

  • Exercises require focused concentration.

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Addiction Recovery & SMART Recovery Programs

Addiction Recovery Aftercare

  • Our unique GardenWell program blends counselling, gardening and meditation yoga, developing self-awareness, connection with nature and connection with others in an environment of kindness and compassion.

  • Nature is the therapist. The counsellor introduces the client to nature in the garden.

  • Includes garden and forest bathing and other sensory practices.Begins to heal the human-nature relationship.

  • Includes a range of reconnective practices

  • Eco-anxiety, eco-grief work.

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SMART Recovery

  • Addicted to thinking, can't stop ruminating ? Regardless of the substance or behaviour we appear to be challenged by it is commonly faulty thinking about ourselves and the world around us that is at the heart of our troubles.

  • We are all prisoners of our past to one degree or another. Our biography becomes our biology, it is who we come to think we are.

  • SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a free group program assisting any problematic behaviours, including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, Internet and others.

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Contemplative & Therapeutic Garden Design Programs

Garden Design

  • Developmental offers a full highly professional landscape design service to develop meditation, permaculture, healing, therapy and productive gardens.

  • We have won awards at the MIFGS, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, advised Bunnings and spent many years design and installing therapeutic gardens.

  • Expertise in meditative, therapy and sensory landscapes.

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Garden Therapy Courses

  • Garden design is an artistic process and can be used as a therapeutic practice. Exploring myth, our stories and roots together with our own aboriginality we work through the process of garden design.

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