How it Works

How it Works

  • When a team member has issues it is often difficult to work out what’s going on for them without prying into their personal lives.

  • Our Team Member Assistance programs and services can help to smooth out those difficulties without you having to get involved.

  • We understand your concerns are sensitive and personal.

  • We aim to resolve your concerns expediently and professionally, while upholding your privacy and integrity.

1. First Contact

We will have been in contact with you either directly using a business card and a quick chat, perhaps on the phone or via email, through some direct marketing material like a newsletter / flyer or maybe simply though one of our introductory webinars, available each month.

2. Deep Dive Discussion

You ring or email us for a deep dive discussion into the services and programs we can offer.

3. Service Tweeks

We work with you to tweek our service to match your needs and invoice you for a portion of the agreed fees. Once that is paid we will send you all relevant in-house materials and codes to allow your team members to use our services.

4. Themed Webinars

You and your team members are able to view all 12 of our monthly themed webinars to help them stay aware of and up to speed with mental health issues at work.

5. Online Counselling

Your team members can access our secure online video counselling services as per our agreements.

6. Online Meditation Courses

Your team can join our online meditation courses which run regularly throughout the year as per our discussions and agreements.

7. Service Reviews

Service reviews are important to make sure your team members are using the service as it was intended and to adjust our offer to make it more suited to your teams needs.

1. The client experience

  • We provide an exceptional experience and level of care for all clients.

  • We handle every interaction with understanding, empathy and confidentiality.

2. The whole person

  • We see you as a whole person, not a patient.

  • We aim to uphold your integrity and privacy at every step.

  • Our process is collaborative and humanistic.

  • We seek to understand your needs and work with you on a plan to ease your burden and optimise your wellbeing.

3. Learning and development

  • Therapists engage in frequent professional supervision and training.

  • This includes regular feedback and advice, self-reflection and ongoing development.

  • The key steps for engaging with Cheswick Consultants are outlined below.