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Hello, my name is Jai Cheswick. I have been director of Cheswick Consultants for over 15yrs and I have 30yrs working in business.

  • Sometimes it is easier to say that you work for an organisation than for yourself.

  • If you are a recent graduate of a counselling program you might have found it difficult to get your own clients or found the rates offered by many psychologists and counselling services to be very poor. (I have heard of 2nd & 3rd yr grads being offered $35/hr or less).

  • If you are registered with ACA or PACFA you might be interested in the following offer.

What Developmental provides :

  • Your details on the Developmental website at no charge to you.

  • Use of our online payments system.

  • Payment at an hourly rate agreed with you, depending on your level of experience and speciality.

  • Marketing material to use in your facebook, instagram etc pages and for local area distribution.

  • Payment to you within 7 days.

  • Regular online meetings and talks.

  • Support of a professional with 30yrs experience in business.

What you provide :

  • Life experience.

  • Be 35yrs old or more.

  • Have ACA or similar membership.

  • Have suitable insurance.

  • An invoice at the end of each week detailing the client hours provided.

  • Ability to market in your own area under the Developmental brand. (Marketing material provided).

  • A CV and the rates you would like to work for, which can be discussed.

  • You may also have an associated skill that you would like to offer online eg meditation, yoga, nature therapy etc.

Benefits :

  • Another entry point into the counselling world.

  • Build confidence while getting experience.

  • Earn agreed rates that we discuss together. (Most likely $60-$90/hr depending on experience)

Important :

  • All clients booked with our system are clients of Cheswick Consultants t/a Developmental.

  • You are acting as a subcontractor.