Jai Cheswick

Learning to be more comfortable with myself as I am, rather than continually striving to be like how I am supposed to be.

Jai Cheswick

I work as a registered counsellor and business coach initially working for Performance Coaching in Perth Western Australia in the mid to late 1990s. These days I use a mix of modalities from both eastern and western cultures.

Growing up in a family of property developers in Warwickshire, United Kingdom I worked on sites in my late teens. Benfield Homes was started by my grandfather in 1933 and continues to develop residential projects. My brother became CEO of a smaller yet related timber frame company in 2020, Benfield Timber Buildings.

Working in the property and construction industries is a tough gig with a lot of risk and stress. I have first hand experience of how the stresses and strains of the industry affected the mental health of family members. None of us have remained unscathed.

Developmental is for all those tradies, real estate agents, builders, developers, (landscape) architects and landscapers who might find that 'doing it tough' is just a bit too tough.


Yes, people are processes, not fixed in time. Still, I think I bit of background gives an impression of who I am.

Counsellor, business coach, senior meditation instructor, landscape architect and horticulturalist.

I've met and been a confident for many wealthy people who are so very unhappy and at the same time mixed with others who have nothing and who are as happy as can be. That has intrigued me for most of my life.

I have 30yrs experience of the benefits that these modalities provide in improving mental health conditions, self-acceptance and cultivating peace of mind. They are a great combination in working with depression, anxiety and stress.


  • Jai Cheswick (1965-)

  • Director Cheswick Consultants Pty Ltd (2005-)

  • Counsellor in person-centred, CBT, ACT, IFS : Australian Counselling Association #20901

  • Lived Experience of depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness and suicidal ideation.

  • Meditation Teacher : Meditation Australia

  • Yoga Teacher : Yoga Australia

  • Long term student of Meditation Master Dean Das, Psychologist.

  • Registered Landscape Architect, Healing Gardens, Horticultural Therapy : AILA membership

  • Horticulturalist : BSc Hons London University

  • Scuba Diving Instructor : PADI #466308

My roots are in the UK with education at London and Birmingham Universities.

Preferring a more adventurous and equitable way of life to the one I had been educated for I emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1992 with extended spells in Exmouth, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

A number of after dinner discussions with Blair Singer (Rich Dad Advisor) prompted me to learn from and work with Performance Coaching Perth 1993-1998 consulting to small business owners and executives.

In a relationship since 2001 and father since 2003, I’ve been quietly involved in various therapies for over 30yrs (inc. working with ex-cult members, alcohol addiction, depression, stress management). These include counselling, scuba diving, meditation and horticultural therapy.

2000-2003 my partner and I travelled around Australia scuba-diving the GBR, Ningaloo Reef, Rottnest as well as many other sites before raising three children in the inner west of Melbourne where I have owned and operated a small landscape design, installation and maintenance business since 2005 receiving awards at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show MIFGS (2015).

Practicing meditation yoga first in 1991 and more intensively since 2008 I began sharing this understanding in 2015 upon the suggestion of my own mentor.

Its not always been easy, with many trials along the way. I am thankful for the love and support of so many wonderful people in my life.

~ December 2021

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